• Thor Companies
  • Building, Transforming and Sustaining Communities
  • Bringing an Owner's Mindset to Real Estate Management
  • Full-Service, In-Step, Speed-to-Market Capabilities

Build. Transform. Sustain.

THOR Companies offers a suite of full-service capabilities including development, utilities management, design, construction and consulting to create a speed-to-market front line for our clients. Call on us for a partner who has an owner’s mindset and can link together the start-to-finish pieces that lead to healthier communities.

While many real estate companies focus on the initial cost of ownership, THOR Companies widens the lens by developing spaces that address the costs and benefits to the most important asset in the building – the people. By factoring in the ongoing maintenance and utility costs, THOR builds energy efficiencies at the outset and creates an environment that enhances staff retention, well-being, and productivity.



The Penn & Plymouth Partnership

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