THOR Fencing Launches to Fill Void in Market for Union Fencing Contractors.

MINNEAPOLIS – (March 7, 2018) THOR Cos. announces the launch of THOR Fencing, a new company to provide commercial-grade fencing installation and maintenance in both its home state of Minnesota and throughout the nation.

The company kicked off with a contract to install more than two miles of security fencing in downtown Minneapolis for the recently-held Super Bowl 52. “The Super Bowl job really gives us a lot of momentum out of the gate,” says Brandon Block, the newly appointed Vice President of THOR Fencing. “We’re looking to fill an underserved niche in the market as a fully unionized fencing contractor, available to work with general contractors, building owners and operators, municipalities and other organizations in need of quality, union-staffed fencing work.”

The company grew from piecemeal work that Block headed up for THOR Cos. for various recent projects for customers such as Target Corporation, Verizon, and on the $36 million mixed-use office/retail building that THOR is constructing in North Minneapolis.

“We had such good success meeting the requirements for those projects, that Richard Copeland (founder and chairman of THOR Cos.), said to make it official and start offering fencing services to the market through a THOR Fencing subsidiary,” Block says.

“I’m excited to welcome THOR Fencing to our growing family of THOR companies,” says Ravi Norman, chief executive officer, THOR Cos. “We’re always looking to add value to what we offer as a turnkey real estate services company, and adding a professional Fencing unit fits well within our fold. I want to make it clear that THOR Fencing is a standalone unit within the company, free to offer up its services as a specialty subcontractor to any other general contractor or property owner.”

THOR Fencing, with its commitment to union hiring, can help general contractors in Minnesota and elsewhere meet their unionized workforce requirements, when specifically called for. “We are concentrating on projects where we are invited to bid,” says Block.

Union fence contractors are in short supply in the fence industry, Block says. “Our goal is to have our union general contractor partners reach out to us to provide fencing help. From my own past experience in the industry – Block brings more than 10 years of fencing industry experience to his new job – I know that some GCs find themselves in tough position at times because of the union fence contractor shortage. We want them to know that THOR Fencing is there for them, whenever they need a union fencing contractor.

“THOR Cos. Is known for its ability to hire minority and union workers,” says Block. “It gives us an advantage in that we have a deeper pool of workers to tap into for our project workforce needs, so we can staff up when and where needed for clients. And by making workforce diversity a company priority, we can also help our clients meet any equitable hiring requirements that they may be obligated to fulfill.”

As a minority-owned company, THOR Cos. prides itself on reaching at least a 40 percent workforce diversity goal on every project it undertakes through any of its family of companies, including THOR Fencing.

Contact Brandon Block at 763-571-2580 for more information about THOR Fencing.



THOR Companies is a turnkey real estate management company, with affiliates/subsidiaries including THOR Development, THOR Design Plus, THOR Construction (including GC/GM and Self Performance), THOR Energy, THOR Consulting and THOR Fencing, headquartered in Minneapolis and with regional offices in Las Vegas and Orlando, Fla. THOR, with annual revenues of $275 million, is the largest minority-owned company in Minnesota, and ranks among the 10 largest African American-owned businesses in the U.S. construction/services industries, according to Black Enterprise magazine. THOR’s industry experience includes Commercial, Residential, Civil, Sustainability and Specialty construction and development work throughout the United States and internationally. Overall, 90 percent of the company’s work has been performed on behalf of Fortune 100 companies. For more information on THOR, please visit the company website at or call 763-571-2580.