With more than 30 years of construction industry experience, we are prepared to handle all types of complex and speed-to-market builds for clients. Whether in partnership with other general contractors or acting as the managing partner, THOR Construction has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to bring the most advanced approaches to challenging projects.

Named one of the foremost concrete contractors in the United States in 2016, THOR was recognized not only for the massive pours of self performing concrete, but also for its proprietary products and expertise in high temperature environments as well as minus 20 degrees below zero climates. We use state of the art technological tools to help manage the workflow and facilitate a process that allows us to provide real time updates, reduce waste, and adapt to changes in the workflow on the fly.

We combine people, processes and performance to maximize budgets and schedules. Our pre-construction services guarantee a proactive approach and optimal planning that ensure the best value in the building outcome.
- Michael Petersen, Senior Vice President, THOR Construction
Michael Petersen, Senior Vice President, THOR Construction