Design Plus

THOR Design Plus takes a comprehensive approach to building design. We leverage in-house expertise, sustainability strategies, and quality control to produce high quality spaces and places. Our multicultural backgrounds offer a wide lens in approaching form and function. We create aesthetically pleasing and economically feasible designs that remain relevant as demographics and economics change.

Our work is founded in the belief that every architectural design solution needs to do more than address the functional needs of the proposed spaces. Buildings also need to speak to the values of global engagement, inclusion and sustainability. We offer perspectives and people that correspond with economic realities and community values.

Our team combines engaging personalities with global and multicultural backgrounds. These characteristics make us approachable, and nurture interactive and authentic communication with clients and communities. The result is highly functional and beautiful spaces that remain relevant through the shifts of demographics and economics.
- Damaris Hollingsworth, Vice President, THOR Design Plus
Damaris Hollingsworth, Vice President, THOR Design Plus

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