THOR Development, a well-versed partner in public-private partnerships, leverages innovative financing solutions in fast-paced owner and community projects. As a fully integrated real estate development partner, THOR Development is nimble enough to capitalize on market dynamics and wise enough to understand the complexities of urban housing redevelopment, master planned development and mixed-use projects.

Utilizing advanced analytics, THOR Development is able to quantify the values, priorities and idiosyncrasies of customers, neighborhood groups, business leaders, public officials, and investors and map them to development decisions in design, construction, programming, and finance packages. This helps project stakeholders understand the trade-off implications of their decisions on a project, and allows for a transparent framework for accountability in the development process.

As developers, we have the second greatest impact on your life outside of your parents. We create spaces and places that shape the context of your life. From housing, to stores, to workplaces in your neighborhood, these are a direct result of innovative, effective real estate development.
- D’Angelos Svenkeson, Vice President, THOR Development
D’Angelos Svenkeson, Vice President, THOR Development