Responding to a wide variety of customers who require dynamic innovation, THOR Living redefines the approach to multi-unit solutions. Whether the property needs a creative development, design or construction idea, THOR Living brings a holistic perspective on what to build, why and how it fits the community. A  hallmark of THOR Living is evaluating modular versus traditional building techniques, and incorporating design efficiencies that can streamline a project. These efficiencies can achieve cost attainability for projects that may not have been previously economically feasible.

Establishing new markets for economic, physical and values-based objectives, THOR Living offers exceptional customer service with its combination of expertise, willingness to problem-solve and understanding of financial constraints.

"THOR Living thrives on providing tangible options for developers, landowners and investors who need a more thorough understanding of the opportunities inherent in each project."

- Patrick Cruikshank, Vice President, THOR Living
Patrick Cruikshank, Vice President, THOR Living