Hollingsworth Architects a Winning Design Solution

Brazilian-born Damaris Hollingsworth Architects a Winning Design Solution For a Brazilian Hotelier’s Plunge into the U.S. Marketplace. Just as first-time visitors to a foreign land can be baffled and bewildered by the local customs, so did a Brazilian hotel developer run up against a seemingly indecipherable set of building rules when it set forth to … Read More

THOR Salutes Black History Month

During Black History Month, THOR salutes those who have paved the way for recognizing the giants in our community who help us all remember. While Carter Woodson was earning a Master’s Degree at the University of Chicago and a PhD from Harvard, he noted that when it came to the role of blacks in American … Read More

African American-owned THOR Companies is Super Bowl activities sponsor

THOR Companies, Minnesota’s largest minority-owned firm, is playing in the big leagues of Super Bowl sponsorships. THOR has contributed $1.3 million to be one of 23 “founding partners” of the event. “As a founding partner, THOR Companies joins with other major Minnesota companies in contributing to the Minnesota Super Bowl Host Committee’s efforts to make … Read More

Mayor Jacob Frey promises action on economic inequality in north Minneapolis

So far, there are few details. The new Minneapolis mayor said his office is “generating input.” People of color have been left behind amid the Twin Cities’ prosperity, and Mayor Jacob Frey was in north Minneapolis on Friday to “hear from the community” and commit to doing something about it.

Never Waste a Good Crisis

Making the leap from good to great is not an easy one. Ravi Norman Over the past three years, I have had the pleasure of accompanying many of Minneapolis-St. Paul’s civic, philanthropic and business leaders on an annual inter-city leadership visit to peer cities to learn about common challenges, innovative ideas and best-practice outcomes. Simultaneously, … Read More

Back Story: Persistence pays off for Thor’s Hollingsworth

Back Story: Persistence pays off for Thor’s Hollingsworth Damaris Hollingsworth brings a global perspective, gritty determination, and a deep-seated passion for inclusion to her role as vice president of architecture at Thor Design Plus, part of the Minneapolis-based Thor group of companies.

Who Moved Your Cheese?

Embracing the rat in the room. In Ken Blanchard’s book Who Moved My Cheese? he created four imaginary characters: Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw, who are in a maze looking for cheese. The cheese is a metaphor for what we want in life—a job, relationship, house, money, freedom, health, recognition, spiritual peace, etc.—and each character … Read More